National 2YO Sales Draft 2017


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lot name sex sire dam stable
5 Lord Caro c. Mogok Lady Caroloty E1
49 Madam Diva f. Mogok Miss Madam F17
64 Berry Flambeau f. Irish Flame Mulberry F16
72 Jet To Paris f. Miesque’s Approval Netjet F15
75 Belle Of The Dawn f. Await The Dawn Noble Vixen F14
99 Movie Magic c. Mogok Picture Show E2
164 15sheisapromqueen c. Eightfold Path Sheisapromqueen E3
173 Belazada f. Miesque’s Approval Sincronizada F13
184 15sugar Magnolia c. Eightfold Path Sugar Magnolia E4
188 Sun On Sand f. The Sheik Sunshine Ruby F12
195 Noble Leader c. Noble Tune Take The Lead E5
259 Repent f. Miesque’s Approval Admiration F11
292 Sassy Queen f. King’s Chapel Blue Eyed Queen F10
330 Princess Cozzene f. Mogok Cozzenes Princess F26
339 Tapdance Ally f. Miesque’s Approval Dance For Susan F25
385 Brave Detail c. Brave Tin Soldier Finest Detail E6
386 Winterton c. Miesque’s Approval First Winter E7
388 Eight Got Zip c. Eightfold Path Flashy E8
394 Wings Of Light f. Eightfold Path Flyingwithoutwings F24
408 He’s All Glamour c. Mogok Glamourous Guest E9
409 Glitter Path f. Eightfold Path Glitterati F23
422 Pharoah’s Time f. The Sheik Harmony Time F22
427 Pulse f. Mogok Heartbreaker F21
434 Power Pitch f. Curved Ball Horsepower F20
463 Jungle Jane f. Crusade Jungle Princess F19
467 Master Magic c. Mogok Keen To Travel F18