List of Broodmares with breeding


Dam DOB Sire Dam
Acetylene 2001  Jallad  Temperance
Admiration 2004  Mogok  Secret Respect
Albright 1997  National Assembly  Lady Elle
Alpha Carina 2002  Carnegie  Wishing Belle
Angel Child 2006  Mogok  Dearest
Apache Rose 1996  Dolpour  Bold West
Beside The Sea 1987  Concertino  Amanzimtoti
Blue Bayou 1993  Foveros  Bold Streak
Blue Eyed Queen 2004  Thunder Gulch  Blue Eyed Princess
Blue Lavender 2003  Personal Hope  Blue Perfume
Bond Girl 2004  Fly By Day  My Revenge
Born Noble 1989  Be Noble  Tonga Tabu
Camina Court 1992  Foveros  Dixie Road
Candelada 1999  Roy  Candila
Candid Girl 2006  The Sheik  Candelada
Candy Tuft 2005  Mogok  Candelada
Cape Sunset 2005  Fantastic Light  Our Tilly
Carta Expresa 2001  Lode  Carosessa
Casey Dot Com 2002  Casey Tibbs  Laptop Lady
Caspian Tern 1999  Elliodor  Yasnaya
Cat O’ Nine Tails 2005  Mogok  Academy Ball
Catsastar 2005  Tale Of The Cat  Lahill
Cedar City 2005  Elusive City  Cedarwood AUS
Class Of Her Own 2003  Spaceship  Born Noble
Classy Guest 1988  Northern Guest  Upper Class
Cool Summer 1999  Shaamit  If Summer Comes
Corre Solta 2003  Ski Champ  Ion Drive
Cozzenes Princess 1992  Jabal Tarik  Arraign
Cup Tie Affair 2005  Parade Leader  Stirrup Cup
Dance For Joy 1996  Comic Blush  Corps De Ballet
Dance For Susan 2005  Danehill Dancer  Susan
Dazzling Danzig 1997  Shoe Danzig  Blushing Star
Delectable Miss 1989  Jabal Tarik  Malang
Dibella 1996  Southern Halo  Dinah
Dolphin Coast 1996  Dolpour  Adolphine
Dolphin Play 2003  Spaceship  Dolphin Coast
Eleonora 2005  Fasliyev  Josey Wood
Endangered Species 1997  Sapieha  Swallows Dance
Extra Terrestral 2005  Spaceship  Endangered Species
Extraordinary 1996  Dolpour  Executrix
Fashion Fever 1997  Model Man  Fanciful
Ficticia 2001  Kitwood  Fiara
Fourth Avenue 1999  Model Man  Triumphal Parade
Generosity 1999  Northern Guest  Femme Grise
Generous Girl 2003  Modern Day  Cream Of The Crop
Glamourous Guest 1999  Northern Guest  Elegant Jade
Glitterati 1999  Western Winter  Gold Model
Gold For Ireland 2005  Johannesburg  Cladagh
Hard Scene 1995  Hard Up  Sea Scene
Harmony Time 2007  King Of Kings  Timeless Tune
Heartbreaker 1997  Sapieha  Beyond Redemption
Horsepower 2003  Spaceship  Fit And Firing
Hunting For Alice 2004  Lion Hunter  Outside Alice
In Moderation 2006  Mogok  Temperance
J’Adore 2004  Mogok  Blue Perfume
Jolie Folie 2005  Giant’s Causeway  Mademoiselle
Josey Wood 1987  Foveros  Ocean Haze
Jump Ahead 1996  Sapieha  Jump For Joyce
Jungle Princess 2005  Mogok  Jungle Strand
Keen To Travel 2000  Rakeen  Travel In Front
Kelly’s Promise 2004  Al Mufti  No Ordinary Girl
La Favorite 1991  Foveros  Parisian Affair
Lady Advocate 1996  Dolpour  Arraign
Lady Caroloty 1999  Southern Halo  Carosessa
Lady Moderation 1998  Model Man  Temperance
Lanterns Of Gold 2005  Fantastic Light  Reason To Dance
Lead That Tiger 2005  Mogok  Take The Lead
League Award 2000  Model Man  Teed Bore
Left Back 1993  Jabal Tarik  Right Back
Legal Lady 2005  Mogok  Lady Advocate
Majestic Legend 2005  Royal Academy  Famous Friend
Major Distraction 1998  Mistral Dancer  Bold Manoeuvre
Markanawa 2000  Maroof  Opera Bound
Marsh Gas 2006  Mogok  Acetylene
Master All 1994  Foveros  Grand Lady
Maxine 2006  Mogok  Capa Maxi
Meadow Rhumba 1997  Shoe Danzig  Fields Of Time
Midnight Ale 1996  Dolpour  Whiskey Alley
Miss Chatty 2003  Halo Sunshine  Pomme d’Or
Miss Madam 1997  Dolpour  Chummery
Model Fever 2005  Mogok  Fashion Fever
Mogok’s Maiden 2006  Mogok  Wendys
Mulberry 2003  Wolfhound  Taineberry
Naughty But Noble 1995  Northern Guest  Nobely Known
Pascha 2006  Wolfhound  Noble Feast
Patchouli Moon 2002  Al Mufti  Luna Perfumada
Photon Drive 1995  Braashee  First Debutante
Picture Show 1997  Sapieha  Concert Crit
Pin Up Babe 2003  Gold Press  Pinturina
Pretty Groovy 1991  Foveros  Striking
Pure Sands 1994  Jabal Tarik  Sanday
Queen’s Collection 1991  Crown Collection  Queen Forli
Ramp Vamp 2003  Jet Master  Display Model
Resort 2003  Spaceship  Beside The Sea
Restart 1989  Concertino  Come Again
Rhumba In Space 2003  Spaceship  Meadow Rhumba
Rock In The Forum 2005  Caesour  Rocking And Raving
Rose Of Arcole 1990  Foveros  Arcole
Royal Promise 2003  Royal Academy  Broken Promise
Royal Prophecy 1992  Royal Chalice  Sara’s Warning
Run For Fame 2005  Iglesia  Inevitable Choice
Sahara 2004  Mogok  Too Much Sun
Scotch Cat 2005  Mogok  Whiskey Way
Sexy-Lady 2004  Fahim  Hiparca
Shimmering 1997  Sapieha  Spirited Dancer
Shoe Queen 1993  Galba  Imelda
Silver Halo 2005  Mogok  Silver Moon
Silver Moon 1998  Model Man  Miss Pennyfeather
Sincronizada 2005  Southern Halo  Hello Miss
Star Watch 2000  Al Mufti  Display Model
Stirrup Cup 1990  Royal Chalice  Michabo
Stormy Listen 2003  Bernstein  Lillers
Street Chic 2002  Jallad  Gold Model
Striptease 1996  Dolpour  Stripping
Sugar Magnolia 1997  Dolpour  Bold West
Sunshine Ruby 2005  Mogok  Too Much Sun
Sweet As Nectar 1999  Sapieha  Whiskey Lane
Sweet Sorbet 1997  Dolpour  Delectable Miss
Tacoma 2002  Lunar Lumberjack  Getting Closer
Take The Lead 1999  Al Mufti  Top Fov
Tellittothestars 2001  Spaceship  Teller
Timeless Tune 1998  Exclusive Patriot  Timeless Melody
Too Much Sun 1992  Foveros  Country Lady
Top Fov 1992  Foveros  Cream of the Crop
toyshop 2001  Roy  Tough Golda
Tsitsikamma 2001  Al Mufti  Meranti
Vaudeville 1998  Sapieha  Concert Crit
Vulcan Bomber 1997  Northern Guest  Bombarda
Wendys 2000  Victory Speech  Wally
West West 1993  Dolpour  Bold West
Western Echo 2004  Mogok  West West
Whiskey Way 1993  Concertino  Whiskey Alley
Winning Spin 2004  Spinning World  Lahill
Winter Ade 2003  Western Winter  Light Fandango
Wonderland 2001  Modern Day  One By Land
World Of Spin 2005  Spinning World  Cairnryan